Privacy Policy

We inform you that Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 (“‘Code on protection of personal data”)
provides for the protection of individuals and other subjects with regard to the treatment of personal data.
According to said legislation, treatment shall be performed in full observance of the principles of accuracy,
lawfulness and disclosure to protect your privacy and your rights.
Therefore, pursuant to and in accordance with article 13 del D.lgs. n.196/2003, Euroverde attends to the
1. The information that you provide will be used for the following purposes: Information, requests or other
commercial services for Euroverde Società Agricola S.r.l.
2. The data will be collected in the following ways: by computer and / or by paper.
3. The providing of data is obligatory and failing to provide such data may lead to the non-execution and/or
partial execution of the information required.
4. The details in question will not be communicated to other individuals, nor will they be spread
5. The holder of the processing is the: Euroverde Società Agricola S.r.l.
6. The Responsible of the Treatment is: Euroverde Società Agricola S.r.l.
7. You may at any time exercise your rights with the holder of the processing, in accordance with art.7 of
Leg. Dec. 196/2003

Information about the use of cookies
What does “Cookie” mean?
Cookies are small text files consisting of encrypted information assigned to a computer’s browser to browse
your device, such as computer, mobile device, tablet or any other device able to browse the web. Thanks to
the cookies, the Web server sends information to the browser each time you return on this web page and it
will give information to obtain statistical data, memorize your preferences, such as your username and
password, to find the best solutions in your interest.
Different types of Cookies
Technical cookies: are necessary for the correct operation of the web page and allow to browser the net.
Without them you could not be able to correctly display web pages or to use any service. They are divided
in two categories: lasting, each time you close the browser they will remain until the original expiration
date; session cookies, they will be destroyed each time the browser will be shut down.
Analytical cookies: they can be used to collect information about the web page, as anonymous statistical
analyses in order to improve the use of the web site and to make contents more interesting and relevant to
your preferences.
Profiling cookies: they outline the user and are used to send advertising messages in accordance with your
Third party cookies: they are set up by a different web page and can be technical, analytical and profiling.
In accordance with the regulations, we don’t ask your approval for technical and analytical cookies, as
necessary for a correct use of the web page. As regards profiling or third party cookies, your approval can
be expressed with one or more than one of these ways:
– By modification of specific browser’s configurations you use to visit the web page
– By modification of the third party services
Please remember that the modification of these two options could compromise, in whole or in part, the use
and the visualization of some parts of the web page.

Our Cookies
We use technical cookies which are necessary for the correct use of the web page and allow you to
accurately browse our web site. Moreover, we use Google’s analytical third party cookies.
How to disable Cookies
It is possible to change the browser’s settings to disable cookies by a very simple process. Please pay
attention: if you disable cookies, you could compromise, in whole or in part, the use and the visualization of
some parts of the web page.
– Click on “Chrome Menu” in your browser’s address bar
– Click on “Settings”
– Click on “Show advanced settings”
– In “Privacy” section, click on “Contents setting”
– Disable all the cookies by clicking on “Block setting data” and “Block third party cookie and data”
– Click on “Tools” in your browser’s address bar
– Click on “Options”
– Click on “Privacy”
– In “History” area, choose the option “Use custom settings” from the dropdown box.
– Disable cookies by deselecting “Accept Cookie”
Internet Explorer
– Click on “Tools” in your browser’s address bar
– Click on “Internet options”
– Click on “Privacy”, then click on “Advanced”
– Click on “Override automatic cookie handling”
– Disable “first-party cookie”, by selecting “Block”
– Disable “third party cookie”, by selecting “Block”
– Disable “Session cookie”, by deselecting “Always allow session cookies”
– Click on “Settings” in the upper right corner.
– Click on “Preferences”
– Select “Privacy” from the Preferences pane
– To disable cookies, select “Always” in “Block cookies”. Click on “from third party and sponsor web pages”,
to disable external cookies.
– Click on “Preferences” in your browser’s address bar
– Click on “Advanced”
– Click on “Cookie” in the Preferences pane
– Click on the following options: “Accept all the cookies”, “Accept cookies”, “Never accept cookies”

How to disable third party cookies
Google’s services
This web page is visible in any link in all web pages in accordance with the art. 122 subsection D.lgs.
196/2003, following the simplified arrangements for the acquisition and handling of cookies, published in
the Official Journal n. 126 of 36 June 2014 and related to the measures n. 229 of 8 May 2014.
For any request of information or clarification, please send an e-mail to