Fresh soups

The palate of seasonal menus, with packaging included 20g of croutons. Portions of 440-640 g.

The ricipes Spring/Summer

Products available as of March 21, 2017

Minestrone estivo

Passato estivo

A blend of fresh seasonal vegetables, flavored with extra-vergin olive oil

A basket of fresh vegetables, reduced to a light and scented veloutè


Winter specialties

Discover our specialties FALL – WINTER
These products are made using only fresh and seasonal vegetables

Minestrone ricco

Minestrone ricco

Zuppa Toscana

Pasta e ceci

Minestrone soup with seasonal vegetables and extra-vergin olive oil (craft product)

Vegetable soup with Cannellini beans,tomato and Tuscan black cabbage

Fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and chick peas:the surprise of semplicity

Zuppa di cipolle

Passato di zucca e carota

Passato di ceci

A white onion soup,au gratin with Emmenthal Cheese

Veloutè of carrots and pumpkin with extra-vergin olive oil scented with fine herbs

Veloutè of chick-peas flavored with extra-vergin olive oil and rosemary

Passato di zucchine e patatine

Passato di verdure

Pasta e fagioli

Veloutè of zucchini and fresh potatoes with steamed potato dice

A basket of fresh vegetables,made into a veloutè country-style

Our own version of an Italian cuisine classic

Zuppa ai cereali

Vegetable soup “country-style” with cereals and tomato