Quality of our products

Quality of our products

Our first materials

Culture and determination guide our selection of first materials, freshness and tradition of our ingredients are the key of our values.


We respect the nature’s ingredients and their quality and freshness, looking for Italian legumes and vegetables by giving importance to the territoriality and seasonality of every ingredient, controlled in labs and immediately cooked in order to maintain their authenticity and typical green tastes.


Our production system is dedicated to achieve two targets: gastronomy and healthiness. All the phases of our working process are followed by our Bontà di Stagione chefs and controlled by a dietician in order to obtain healthy, genuine and tasty recipes, as homemade.

Creativity and tradition

Creativity and tradition are the basis in our kitchen, innovation and passion guide our proposals.


We carefully select fresh ingredients to intensify taste and authenticity and make tasty and high quality recipes. In order to avoid oxidation, to maintain vitamins, color and taste of fresh products, vegetables are washed, cleaned, cut and bring immediately in our kitchen. Quality products and fresh aromatic herbs, not desiccated and not lyophilized, are tastier and have less salt, one of the principal rules of our kitchen with the use of extra virgin olive oil, flavored in Euroverde and cold added, and the fast cooking process, essential to preserve the natural color, the nutritional principles and the freshness of our vegetables. Like in a haute cuisine restaurant, we respect the nature’s needs and we preserve the organoleptic properties of our
products, by guaranteeing the best final result. All the working and cooking processes are constantly controlled by our chefs which renovate the tradition in order to transform every dish in a simple recipe for the
whole family.

Values we believe in

Seasonality is the key of our productions, we always want to guarantee the best quality in every single product.


Our 20 years of experience and passion are the ingredients of any high quality and excellent product. Our philosophy is simplicity, quality and freshness: keywords for a traditional agricultural company like us.


From the vegetable garden to the kitchen, we follow every production phase as the plantation of the majority of our products made in our establishments, by selecting and picking with care first materials washed, cleaned, cut and immediately brought to the chefs in our kitchen, in order to avoid their oxidation and to maintain intact their vitamins, color and taste.


Our fast and simple production allows us to obtain high quality and fresh products. All our products are prepared by following traditional recipes, they are not pasteurized and do not contain preservatives and colorings. We give our customers all the genuine taste and we pay serious attention to vegan and gluten free products. The cooking process is dedicated and well-proportioned in line with every single ingredients, in order to respect nature’s needs, to preserve the properties and maximize the perfume and taste of first materials, by guaranteeing the best final result.


We pay attention not only to our production but also to the distribution. Our products have a comfortable and functional packaging, with disposable cutlery and crunchy croutons made by our chefs.