The Spalmagustosi

Scrupulous taste combinations result in the Bontà di Stagione Hummus. An ancient recipe that belongs to the Middle-Eastern cooking tradition, hummus is more and more frequently used in the Mediterranean cuisine and demanded from vegans and those who suffer from celiac disease.

Hummus is a yummy mixture you can smear on crackers, focacce and unleavened bread: the perfect solution for quick snacks, starters or tasty appetizers.

Bontà di Stagione Hummus is perfect for pinzimonio, the typical salt, pepper and oil Italian dip for raw vegetables: you can eat it together with the ready made, freshly-cut salads.

All our recipes are 100% vegetable , gluten-free and WITHOUT GARLIC.

Hummus di Ceci classico

with lemon

Hummus di Ceci

with lentils

Hummus di Ceci

with tomatoes and olive

Hummus di Ceci

with peppers

Hummus di Ceci

with peas