Vegan & Gluten Free

New eating habits and young people consumption: the diffusion of multicultural behaviors, have opened a new important area of increasing food and gastronomy dimensions.

Bontà di Stagione offers VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE products, with the highest care for health to the consumers attention that made ethic and health choice, without renounce to the taste temptations.

Our vegetable garden

Culture and Determination guide the selection of ingredients, because the freshness and uniqueness of ingredients, are our first value.

Our recipes


Experience and ongoing Research drive our ideas: in addition to tradition, continuous dialogue and exchange of ideas represent the life force of our project.

Our kitchen


Passion and Innovation guide our proposals: only the fabric that weaves tradition and creativity is capable to surprise, always.

Our menu

Seasons guide our preparations: flavor and authenticity of fresh foods is the basis of our service.

Listen to the kitchen’s rules

To enhance the genuine flavors of our products and make the “Bontà di Stagione” recipes tasty and high quality.

 The “less salt and fresh aromas” Law

Quality product is more tasty and requires less salt.
Italian fresh aromas, not dried and not freeze dried, give more taste.

The “short-time cooking” Law

Short-time cooking of vegetables, keeps them with their natural freshness, nutrients and colors.

The “extra vergin olive oil” Law

Only extra virgin olive oil, flavored and added cold.

Send your feedback and suggestions

Share with us your cooking advice and send to us your suggestions; dialogue and sharing ideas are the strength of our project.