Our kitchen

In our cooking creativity is intertwined with tradition because innovation and passion drive our choices.

We carefully select all our ingredients, always choosing them fresh. This with the objective to enhance flavor and genuine properties to make our recipes tasty and high quality. To prevent the oxidation and to preserve vitamins, color and taste of fresh products immediately after harvest, vegetables are washed, cleaned, cut and taken immediately in the kitchen of “Bontà di Stagione”. Quality ingredients and fresh aromas, not dried or frezed-dryed, are tastier and therefore require less salt; this is one of our main cooking rules. In addition, we only use extra virgin olive oil, flavored at our production site, added cold. And finally, we adopt a short cooking time process, necessary to preserve the natural color, the nutrients and the freshness of the vegetables. Just like in a gastronomic restaurant, to meet the needs of the nature and to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of products, while ensuring best results, all phases of preparation and processing are constantly monitored by chefs.